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Valley Farms 

3pm- 10pm / June 10th  

 Camarena Wedding 

Old Hickory 

6pm- 11pm / June 24th  

Fasl Wedding 

The Christy O'Fallon, MO 

7pm- 11pm / July 22nd  

Klaesner Wedding 

The Foundry

5pm- 10pm / Aug 5th   

Fosdick Wedding 

SqWire in Lafayette

3pm- 11pm / Sept 16th   

Ryan Wedding 

Old Hickory  

5pm- 11pm / Sept 22nd  

 Addie Wedding 

Moscow Mills, MO  

3:30pm- 8:30pm / Oct 21st  

 Stewart Wedding 


Old Hickory   

5:00pm- 10:30pm / May 25th  

 Colvis Wedding 

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