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Dj Scott Anthony 
From 99.1 Joy FM & BOOST RADIO 

Thank you so much, everyone has told me they thought you were great.  I am glad I finally got to meet you after all the years hearing you on the Radio at the Bull, Joy and Boost.  I think even back in the day, Steve and DC?   Lol, well that is a long time ago.  But yes,  were very please and thankful you were our DJ.  Thank you again and we will send folks your way.  


Dereka Horton-Brewer (Bride) 11/26/21

Why hire a DJ for your wedding/event? 


Wedding/Event DJs can make or break an event. The personality of your DJ can set the mood for the entire affair, especially if you are having them provide MC services in addition to playing music. You should find a DJ you would be proud to introduce to your whole family. 


DJing weddings in particular require more work for a DJ than many other functions. DJs average 15-20 hours of effort, including pre-wedding consultations, planning, & working with the timeline to ensure the perfect wedding day. 


The equipment needed to fill the whole space with good sounding music is key. It needs to sound good at a low volume and higher volume.  Digital is always best! Creative Services is 100% Digital

The MUSIC Creative Services has over 20,000 songs available for quick play, and can download on the fly so there are NO limits on songs available to you

Figgins Post.JPG

"Thank you, Scott for Dj'ing our daughter's wedding Saturday night! The music was perfect! You had the crowd singing along and dancing all night! We appreciate how you kept us on our timeline but were never loud, showy or obnoxious. You were definitely the right choice for our reception! Thank you again!"
Fran Kremer (Mother of Bride) 

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