Your quests share their pics / text messages LIVE via a TV or projector 

No apps. No hashtags. No hassle.

The guests at my daughter's wedding were having a lot of fun sending in their favorite pics and seeing them on the big screen. They also texted to the screen, their words of encouragement, and thoughts. The bride and groom were blown away seeing all the great pics of their wedding." Cindy MOB 03/06/21

Getting great wedding photos from your guests is fast and simple. Why ask your wedding guests to hassle with hashtags and install apps? Instead, just give them a unique phone number to your wedding gallery. Your guests can TXT in wedding pics in real-time right from their phone. We will turn all of those text messages into an online wedding gallery. You also get a copy of every picture, for your viewing pleasure later.

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For the entire duration of your event, price includes set up, breakdown, equipment needed, etc. 

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