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Creative Services as referred by:
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Scott Anthony & Family are Happy Members of
Join them Sundays @ 10:30am

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Creative Services'
Booked DJ Events

  • May 14th Eggleston Wedding 6pm-10pm
  • May 20th Child of God Fundraiser 6pm-9pm
  • May 21st Price Showen Wedding 6pm-11pm
  • June 4th Smash Little Patriot Embrace Event 
  • June 5th Blodgett Wedding 11am-3pm
  • June 11th Bunch Wedding 1pm-5pm 
  • June 25th Wentzville Wedding For Matt S.
  • July 9th Colvin Wedding TBD-TBD
  • July 30th Mudd Wedding 6pm-11pm
  • August 12th Luley Wedding 6pm-12am w/ceremony
  • August 13th York Wedding TBD-TBD w/ceremony
  • September 15th Law Enforcement Dinner 6pm-10pm
  • September 17th Hunn Wedding 2pm - Midnight w/ceremony
  • October 7th Baker Wedding 7pm-11pm
  • November 5th Hornbuckle Wedding 5pm-11pm

  • January 28th Kim Barmitzfah TBD - TBD 

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